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Icon | ELECTRA ENERGY: the energy cooperative working for a sustainable and shared energy model in Greece

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Icon | ELECTRA ENERGY: the energy cooperative working for a sustainable and shared energy model in Greece

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Our goal here is to fundamentally change the way people uses energy,

and to do it collectively.



From March 2017 Electra Energy Cooperative is one of the Participant Entities in the citizenship's wind power project of EOLPOP SL!

A participation of Electra of 1 share = 700 € (to generate 1,000 kWhs/year, for 20 years)  Joining the project “Living the air of the sky (viure de l’aire)”, which promotes the installation of an Enercon E-103 EP2 wind turbine of 2,35MW in the rural town of Pujalt (Anoia, Catalunya, Spain).

Lear more about our participation here

From October 2018 Electra Energy Cooperative is one of the Members of the Energy Cooperative SOM ENERGIA

As a non-profit cooperative Som Energia started selling green energy from existing sources in October 2011. It is energy bought from the market and sold to the members. Meanwhile, the cooperative is developing  their own cost-effective renewable energy projects to produce energy for the members. Som Energia is the biggest energy cooperative in Spain producing and supplying electricity to more than 50,000 clients and cooperative members. Since last October, we are proud to be members of the cooperative and to promote the supply model in Greece. 

Learn more about Som Energia here

Solar Self consumption solutions to retrofit your home or business.

Find out more about Net Metering and Virtual Net Metering systems

Net Metering is self-consumption using solar. It consists of consuming the electricity produced by your own solar panels during the day, and trading the excess generated into the grid during the night or winter period.

Virtual Net Metering is a perfect solution for households and business as well as energy communities with different stakeholders. It consists of net metering remotely so it allows citizens to benefit from solar net metering without depending on a roof space. 

At Electra we collaborate with a network of suppliers, experts and developers to give service to new members all over Greece. Send us info about your energy needs and we will go contact you soon

We are looking for new members and developers, wanna join us?

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Primary school community solar in Ilioupoli

Budget 60 000 €

Solution PV 40 kWps Self-consumption Virtual Net Metering

Status under development

Partners  Town of Ilioupoli, Mes Energy

By(e) Plastic Project

Budget 6 000 €

Solution Plastic waste recycling/up-cycling with DIY technologies and educational workshops 

Status complete

Partners  Solidarity Now, Precious Plastic Greece, Almasar NGO

Energy Community Solar farm Central Greece

Budget 150 000 €

Solution community solar investment PV virtual Net Metering 150 kWps

Status under development

Partners  Perivalontoloigi SL

Guidebook for Energy Communities

Budget 3 000 €

Solution coordination, Research, Copywriting, Dissemination

Status complete

Partners Polytechnic of Crete, KAPE-CRES, HBS

Our goal is to fundamentally 

change the way people use 

energy, and more important,

doing it collectively.

Workshops and events

«Developing and strengthening energy cooperatives in Greece»

01.12.17, Athens

In collaboration with the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the organization “Anemos Ananeosis” we organized a workshop with the title

“Developing and strengthening energy cooperatives in Greece”

The invited instructors were Dirk Vansintjan from RESCOOP and Jaume Aliaga from energy cooperative SomEnergia

Learn more about it here

 Electra at the VI Fair of Solidary Economy in Madrid

Electra Energy Cooperative assisting together with Som Energia Madridat the VI Fair of Solidary Economy and following the presentation of the 1st Citizen Academy of the Energy of La CorrienteEcooo Revolución Solar and MARES Madrid and the presentation of Energy Transition of Ecooo Revolución Solar

«Bye Plastic Project»

May 2018 – ongoing Workshop

Electra Energy in collaboration with the NGO Solidarity Now Precious and the Greek start up Precious Plastic Greece, organizes a six months permanent workshop on experimentation on the recycling / recovery of plastic materials.

The workshops are taking place from May 2018 at the “Diadromes Intercultural Training Center”, 26, Boukouvala Street in Ambelokipi (Athens). The project and collaboration consists of the construction and operation of a full plastic recycling and up-cycling facility combined with an educational and enterpreneurial permanent workshop for Greek citizens and refugees permanently living in Athens. Over the six months permanent workshop, the trainees and participants have been introduced to different aspects of the global problems of plastic pollution and to learn processes and technologies to rebuild waste plastic into marketable or useful products. 

The project is now scoping a new development phase and looking for new partners and participants.

Learn more about it here



Our Cooperative promoting the gender equality in cooperatives and the energy sector

03.11.18, Madrid

How can we promote gender equality in cooperatives and the energy sector?
Our cooperative is participating to find out the answer in an interesting meeting at MARES Madrid together with:
Susanne Westhausen, director of Kooperationen (Denmark) and member of the Board of Cooperatives Europe. Paloma Arroyo, Director of Coceta (Spanish Confederation of Wokers Cooperatives of Associated Work). Yolanda Picazo, Co-president of the integral Cooperative “Women with Energy” Mujeres con Energía Cooperativa. Miriam Rodríguez Ruiz, President of the Greek Energy Cooperative Electra Energy Cooperative and Director of the Spanish Greek Chamber of Commerce Cámara Comercio Hispano Griega.
Moderated by Rocío Nogales, research network EMES and Co-president of the integral Cooperatie “Women with Energy”.

Learn more about it here

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Electra Energy is a social workers’ cooperative – a social enterprise – that develops services and solutions for the decentralization of the energy system and the promotion of collective investments in renewable energy projects.

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