Bye Plastic Project

Electra Energy in collaboration with the NGO Solidarity Now Precious and the Greek start up Precious Plastic Greece, organizes a six months permanent workshop on experimentation on the recycling / recovery of plastic materials.

The workshops are taking place from May 2018 at the “Diadromes Intercultural Training Center”, 26, Boukouvala Street in Ambelokipi (Athens). The project and collaboration consists of the construction and operation of a full plastic recycling and up-cycling facility combined with an educational and enterpreneurial permanent workshop for Greek citizens and refugees permanently living in Athens. Over the six months permanent workshop, the trainees and participants have been introduced to different aspects of the global problems of plastic pollution and to learn processes and technologies to rebuild waste plastic into marketable or useful products.

The project is now scoping a new development phase and looking for new partners and participants.