Electra Energy Cooperative

We are an integrated services social enterprise in the field of renewable energies community investments and energy efficiency. 

We have created Electra Energy because we believe that a new reality is possible in which everyone can produce the electricity they consume and use it efficiently.

Innovation is always present in our way of being, in the technology we choose as well as in the business models we use.

We develop, promote and implement projects that contribute to the descentralization of the energy system and advocate for citizens to be energy independent by using local resources as sun, wind or wave power.

Our Background

Born in September 2016 from the entrepreneurial initiative of seven young people, Electra Energy was a project about retrofitting schools through community investments in local biomass resources and solar self consumption in Lamia town Inspired by big environmental movements and energy cooperatives in western Europe and in Spain, and by the potential opportunities of such an enterprise bringing social, technological and financial innovation to the Greek energy market, we decided to launch an ambitious enterprise in the provision of energy services.

Electra Energy is the result of the necessary innovation in the local energy market in the aim to match the empowerment of citizens in the energy transition while matching the needs and interests of all the stakeholders, all in favour of the environment and the use of renewable energy sources.

We currently offer solar and renewable energy services, energy efficiency, energy certification of buildings and homes, also providing consultancy services to the public sector on community energy investments and innovative PPP collaborations involving the local community.


Why Electra Energy Cooperative


We promote energy investments to be led by the local communities. If we share out knowhow in order to empower more citizens we will be able to achieve a faster and sustainable energy transition.

Colaborative economy

The transition towards a decentralized and clean energy system for all citizens can be achieved only by implementing collaborative models among the stakeholders. In order to achieve our goals, we believe on the added value of exchanging and sharing our knowledge and services with other networks.

Energy transition

Open membership and inclusivity are part of our cooperative principles. We are a young, creative and multicultural team that learns from the experience and knowledge of its members and partners.


Clean energy services and solutions adapted for households, public authorities and companies. All the products and equipment that we commercialize result from partnerships with the best manufacturers and distributors in the market

7, Olympionikon Street, Ilioupolis,Attica, Greece
PC 16342 | Tel: +30 210 6293557 | info@electraenergy.coop
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