“Energy Communities Workshop Onboard Rainbow Warrior”


Greenpeace’s vessel “Rainbow Warrior” sailed in the Greek seas from June 12 to 22 in the context of the organisation’s European campaign on the climate crisis and the promotion of clean energy from renewable sources instead of fossil fuels.

The ship stopped at Marina Zeas in Piraeus on June 12 and 13 where several organisations and stakeholders were invited to an “Energy Citizens Workshop”, organised by the Greenpeace Greece, and where Electra Energy took place as speaker presenting our current projects and activities, with the objective of present different models of collaborative energy and to exchange and disseminate new perspectives and opportunities under the Greek framework of Energy Communities.


Participants, mostly business sectors, citizens and authorities had the chance to learn about local initiatives an existing projects in Greece and to discuss what prospects Energy Communities are opening for local energy transition. The speakers and presenters were mostly local initiatives and business experts invited, in particular:

  • Dimitris Tsekeris, special advisor for the Minister’s office in the Ministry of Environment
  • Nikos Hatziargyriou, HEDNO’s CEO and Chairman, Professor at the NTUA and Founder of SmartRue Department at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Athens
  • Foivos Palaiogiannis, Researcher at the SmartRue division at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Athens
  • Stelios Psomas, special advisor of HELLAPCO ” Hellenic Associaton of Protovoltaic Producers”
  • Lydia Papadaki, Researcher at Climate-KIC Hub Greece
  • Christos Stefanatos, CEO of the Greek startup Parity Platform
  • Maya Andreu, CEO of the Greek startup Community Energy River


A follow up event took place in the last stop of Rainbow Warrior on the 22nd of June in Corfu, where other organisations and local citizens groups were joining to discuss about what role of Energy Communities and Renewables can play in order to stop new fossil fuel investments in the Ionian Region.


More details, photos and presentations can be found in this public folder




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