«Developing and strengthening energy cooperatives in Greece»

01.12.17′, Athens

In collaboration with the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the organization “Anemos Ananeosis” we organized a workshop with the title
“Developing and strengthening energy cooperatives in Greece”

The invited instructors were Dirk Vansintjan from RESCOOP and Jaume Aliaga from energy cooperative SomEnergia

Among the participants were also representatives from KAPE/CRES, existing energy cooperatives, organizations, enterprises and citizens.

The structure of the workshop was based on specific questions and issues that were gathered by the participants in advance.  So everyone had the time to get prepared for a fruitful discussion.

Some of the issues/questions we had the chance to go through were:

  • Who could become a member of an energy cooperative (enterprises, citizens, local public actors)
  • Is there room for the participation of private enterprises in community energy? As a) Investors, b)co-owners, c)developers, d) users
  • Issues related to governance, training and education
  • Raising awareness and communication
  • Funding
  • Legal framework
  • Is there a need for a national federation or any other kind of organization that would represent existing and under-development energy cooperatives?
  • Relationship with local communities
  • A roadmap for the development of community energy in Greece
  • Economic incentives and other benefits for energy cooperatives members
  • Activities of energy cooperatives

The workshop was very productive and the ideas that were presented make us believe that the development of community energy in Greece, as well as in the rest of Europe, is progressing very rapidly.  Although community energy has to survive within a very challenging environment, it manages to continuously grow and mature.  At the same time it gathers significant interest around it and a strong willingness to build a cleaner and more democratic energy system.

Among the positive outcomes of the workshop were:

  • The development of a collaborative common ground by all the participants
  • Networking
  • Best practices exchange
  • Harvesting of knowledge and useful information
  • The commitment to continue by implementing targeted activities that will further enable the development of community energy.

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